Monday, November 29, 2010

"Wang Biao is in response to the way" so we at become the foundation of wine on

take to compare to row of keep explaining in detail with everyone half of two-hour period, finally teach several people how to all understand how to see diagram how to recognize size, Is long long tone, hurriedly start to carry cup to take tea to quench thirst."Week brothers, this thing has a liking for not to calculate too difficult manufacturing, ask it why thing, and build wine why effect?"Wang Biao sees the diagram contemplateThe meeting asks a way behind"H,m, should be able to create!"The history big dragon also hears noise a way" good!This thing calls to make,Mao,, we can also call to make "distiller".In fact the white spirit that we build is just so-called in now of,flower vulture,of type wine ofTake into to distil to lift Chun just in the foundation."Week a life time Xiang explanation way:"Wet goods Wang Biao Xiong who creates now should know most , usually is build wine raw materialGive to smash, paste turn, again sugar filter into wine after turning, ferment, I say of can to deny?""Rightness!"Wang Biao is in response moncler sale to the way" so we at become the foundation of wine on, again take into to distil, hang up to exchange, Chen Niang, end again pack to sell, is us so-calledly white spirit."The week a life time Xiang wayThe text chapter 16 blessing Ze village(three)"This white spirit be not once drank with us ground,distilled water isimilar?"The small jade is curious, cannot help but asking a way" ha ha!On the principle about, is just that this moncler distils the wine wants than the distilled water a little bit complications some.You see, in order to steam a stove, this diagram paper under in the centerBE place to ferment of wine lees, is above,pot in the sky,is a closeness steam the reflux arrives a butt of important one part ……""This wine drive,distil,after, come out of isn,t hot wine?"Wang Biao Qi is way" is right!So we at,pot in the sky,the prosperous water device of outer circle design would be to use to cool off wine Wen Di!"Zhou Shi Xiang explains behind again immediately after way:"ItActually, the white spirit ground that we build the raw material is a lot of, not only can use a food, can also contain the amount of

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