Thursday, March 3, 2011

Be worried that the another form master doesn

The form master teacher was called majority of students
The Yan Xiao is bright to say, in addition to adjusting him till the last 1 table, teacher Su Guo Lin disallows the classmate lesson in the class to descend to have fun with him."If discover who and I together, punish who run a turn of son together with me.Run 10 turns for the first time, disheveled hair want to add to 20 turns now for the second time.I with three classmates that relatively are good friends with, once the lesson bottom played basketball.Be discovered by teacher Su, we are all punished to run a turn of son."
The table that the Yan Xiao is bright to adjust for the list, disallow the classmate plays with it, teacher Su Guo Lin admits indeed having this matter."But I have no malice Louboutin Sale to the student, also not is think to be isolated and insulate him.Actually, this kid is ascending my mathematics lesson has been very good.But usually don,t guard discipline on other lessons, influence classmate.Finally choose this way, also for the sake of moreover 99% student is benefitses."In the country Lin Yan of Su, the Yan Xiao is bright to is a well-known very naughty school student.Beginning three cent class, as the grade director is Su Guo Lin, be worried that the another form master doesn,t wish to accept, was bright the Yan Xiao to divide own class inside.
"This kid is more difficult tube of and use what kind of way education, I didn,t also have confidence.At that time is wanted to pass a this method cold processing.We had engagement before now, if his circumstance turned for the better, adjust right away he once group.I impossibly and intentionally make difficulties for a kid."Teacher Su explains.

Form master teacher Su Guo Lin makes him adjusting till the last one row from first study group

Is the class of adopt of is a Du Lang the type study mode, every 6~8 students inside the class studies for 1 set rounding together.The Yan Xiao is actually bright be stood alone in the group to study outside, a person and classroom after of mop, broom one row spend for 3 months, until be come to the parent of school Christian Louboutin Sale and discover.
The reporter discovers that this matter sticks in 100 degrees well Xing, the deer spring stick all arouse net friend is concern.
Early three boys and mop"shoulder to shoulder" Sa month
"On January 14, the opportunity of the fortuity I first sight kid the scene for having a class in classroom, the tears came down at that time.The another kid cent set rounds to sit by the side of the lesson table and listens to the teacher prelecting.Only my zero zero grounds of kid Gu sit on classroom is last row.Is a line of mops, broom for companion with him ……"well Xing the county Be small to be Fan Li Ping in the town to make reference to here voice to sob.She is a Yan Xiao bright mother.
The Yan Xiao is bright of this kind of has a class it has been 3 months since status kept on."The kid once said as well to be adjusted till the last one row before and had already done not want to go to school.I have been thinking to is that the kid is very naughty, adjusting a behind to be subjected to order the small punishment should be also.Unexpectedly the of Du Lang is this study method, adjusted the last row oneself is a table, equal to be stood alone at collective outside, became a class in of,different,."Fan Li Ping says.
The 16-year-old Yan Xiao is bright to say, last term the first-time monthly test after, form master teacher Su Guo Lin makes him adjusting till the last one row from first study group, list table single set.The reason is an observance class Ji have a class to love to talk not, influence other classmate study.

2010 to January 14

(Responsibility editor:Item 劼 )
After the on-line former years Chinese Christian Louboutin Sale New Year of Xun of gold Qian, before the train station dishonor bill window way in Guiyang the Xi Xi Rang Rang, a lot of passengers who didn,t buy a ticket hope and tries one is luck here-the proper price buys the tickets that the other people want Christian Louboutin Sale and back, but refunds window way but seems to be very desolate this year.According to know, its main reason is a solid system train ticket non-negotiable.
According to the introduction, mark to go by car personal name word and certificate because of the solid system train ticket.Thus, the passenger of ticket pass to alienate to get, not agreeing with of the its name, certificate and ticket, can not enter a station, so only arrive station to line up a dishonor bill.
The train station police substation people Jing of Guiyang says that practicing solid system of train ticket betterly suppresses the costliness of "ox party" to pour behavior for eradicating completely to pour a ticket from the source head.If the traveller who has already purchased solid system ticket needs to change to go by car time, should arrives the dishonor bill window way of trains station booking hall to carry out a dishonor bill or be changing label window way to carry out to change a label procedure.
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Arrange the last row in the classroom list table the single set disallow classmate to play with it
Very naughty student drive teacher"cold processing" Sa month
■The Yan Xiao is alone bright to have a class in the last row of classroom
Love to talk because of having a class and don,t guard a class of rules to even against a teacher, the well Xing county in stone City is small to make a high school of beginning three student the Yan Xiao is bright(use alias), from mid- October, 2010 to January 14, 2011, be arranged the last row for classroom by the form master.

Make a poison method to present home mode to turn

Handle a case a people to warn to tell a reporter, this is the case that my first case in the province processes the ephedrine creation ice poison, to social harm be not making the illegal drug selling case could compare formely of, if again grasp several days late, will have a more ice poison inflow society, the result is so terrible we dares not thinks about it.Currently, this case just in the middle of further and deeply digging.
Introspect:The drug commits crime new visible result
Too original city police department pair the bureau chief wear to Wei to say:"This is typically the workshop type system poison case that takes family as unit together.Currently, the too original city drug crime mainly presents a bottom to say three characteristicses:A, make a poison method to present home mode to turn.Two, the manufacturing data obtain to present a network information-based.Three, crime experience communicate to present the network QQ community to turn."
He said that aimed at current poisonous situation power and crime characteristics, the police on the other hand would follow close behind situation and continuously kept the strict dozen that commits crime to the drug high pressure situation and strongly strengthen to wade poison the information grind to judge a work and continuously deepen case management consciousness, the well timed adjustment investigates strategy, on the other hand, continue to enlarge a source piece to flow strength, continuously improve the ability and level of investigating the case, scathing stroke manufacturing, sell, conveyance drug etc. is each kind of crime activity, Louboutin Sale squeeze crime space hard, with maximum limit suppress drug source and reduce drug harm.(Reporter, Ping Wen, fights)

Friday, February 18, 2011

"The Pacific Ocean university alumni association in the west of the United States will convene in grand Peking by Chinese New Year

In July, last year, someone queried Tang Jun to once attend of the west of the United States Pacific Ocean university is "pheasant university", affairs in"educational background door" temporarily made the Fei Fei is satisfied, Tang Jun end although determinedly deny fraud,also admit that the Ph.D. degree gold content that takes in the United States isn,t high.Yesterday, Tang Jun is in the west of the United States Pacific Ocean the alumni of the university Yu Jin Gao Diao always declared in the tiny Bo:"The Pacific Ocean university alumni association in the west of the United States will convene in grand Peking by Chinese New Year, this is a make national each profession very attention of general assembly."
The Yu Jin always delivered tiny Bo to say, "just receive notice, the Pacific Ocean university alumni association in the west of the United States will convene in grand Peking by Chinese New Year, this is a make national every trade very attention of general assembly.The university is in 20 years, developed to include political soldiers work agriculture business etc. to almost bag all high managers for China, whole and the vein resources of domestic is strongest person, north big, Chin Hua development the high level talented person is total compare under all seem to be pale have no dint, this is a huge resources chain."

"Accomplishment in 2009" notes water more than 10

A finance expert who doesn,t wish to reveal name says to reporter and announce from the company can see, new China all has already constituted an important accountancy mistake."Accomplishment in 2009" notes water more than 10%, being a listed company should immediately release to announce and reword a 2009 accomplishment."He says.He means at the same time that from now on time the finance data of the announcement to see, "the company handle to the accountancy up more radical, the existence intentionally does the high suspicion to the profits."(According to 《new city report 》 )report lately and quickly
Extend reading:Tang Jun pheasant the desire of the alumni of the university scold "shameless" at the party net friend of city
New China net
West Pacific Ocean the desire of the alumni of the university the party in the city Pan Shi Yi Deng call to be poured by the thunder

Monday, November 29, 2010

"Wang Biao is in response to the way" so we at become the foundation of wine on

take to compare to row of keep explaining in detail with everyone half of two-hour period, finally teach several people how to all understand how to see diagram how to recognize size, Is long long tone, hurriedly start to carry cup to take tea to quench thirst."Week brothers, this thing has a liking for not to calculate too difficult manufacturing, ask it why thing, and build wine why effect?"Wang Biao sees the diagram contemplateThe meeting asks a way behind"H,m, should be able to create!"The history big dragon also hears noise a way" good!This thing calls to make,Mao,, we can also call to make "distiller".In fact the white spirit that we build is just so-called in now of,flower vulture,of type wine ofTake into to distil to lift Chun just in the foundation."Week a life time Xiang explanation way:"Wet goods Wang Biao Xiong who creates now should know most , usually is build wine raw materialGive to smash, paste turn, again sugar filter into wine after turning, ferment, I say of can to deny?""Rightness!"Wang Biao is in response moncler sale to the way" so we at become the foundation of wine on, again take into to distil, hang up to exchange, Chen Niang, end again pack to sell, is us so-calledly white spirit."The week a life time Xiang wayThe text chapter 16 blessing Ze village(three)"This white spirit be not once drank with us ground,distilled water isimilar?"The small jade is curious, cannot help but asking a way" ha ha!On the principle about, is just that this moncler distils the wine wants than the distilled water a little bit complications some.You see, in order to steam a stove, this diagram paper under in the centerBE place to ferment of wine lees, is above,pot in the sky,is a closeness steam the reflux arrives a butt of important one part ……""This wine drive,distil,after, come out of isn,t hot wine?"Wang Biao Qi is way" is right!So we at,pot in the sky,the prosperous water device of outer circle design would be to use to cool off wine Wen Di!"Zhou Shi Xiang explains behind again immediately after way:"ItActually, the white spirit ground that we build the raw material is a lot of, not only can use a food, can also contain the amount of