Thursday, March 3, 2011

2010 to January 14

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After the on-line former years Chinese Christian Louboutin Sale New Year of Xun of gold Qian, before the train station dishonor bill window way in Guiyang the Xi Xi Rang Rang, a lot of passengers who didn,t buy a ticket hope and tries one is luck here-the proper price buys the tickets that the other people want Christian Louboutin Sale and back, but refunds window way but seems to be very desolate this year.According to know, its main reason is a solid system train ticket non-negotiable.
According to the introduction, mark to go by car personal name word and certificate because of the solid system train ticket.Thus, the passenger of ticket pass to alienate to get, not agreeing with of the its name, certificate and ticket, can not enter a station, so only arrive station to line up a dishonor bill.
The train station police substation people Jing of Guiyang says that practicing solid system of train ticket betterly suppresses the costliness of "ox party" to pour behavior for eradicating completely to pour a ticket from the source head.If the traveller who has already purchased solid system ticket needs to change to go by car time, should arrives the dishonor bill window way of trains station booking hall to carry out a dishonor bill or be changing label window way to carry out to change a label procedure.
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Arrange the last row in the classroom list table the single set disallow classmate to play with it
Very naughty student drive teacher"cold processing" Sa month
■The Yan Xiao is alone bright to have a class in the last row of classroom
Love to talk because of having a class and don,t guard a class of rules to even against a teacher, the well Xing county in stone City is small to make a high school of beginning three student the Yan Xiao is bright(use alias), from mid- October, 2010 to January 14, 2011, be arranged the last row for classroom by the form master.

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