Thursday, March 3, 2011

Make a poison method to present home mode to turn

Handle a case a people to warn to tell a reporter, this is the case that my first case in the province processes the ephedrine creation ice poison, to social harm be not making the illegal drug selling case could compare formely of, if again grasp several days late, will have a more ice poison inflow society, the result is so terrible we dares not thinks about it.Currently, this case just in the middle of further and deeply digging.
Introspect:The drug commits crime new visible result
Too original city police department pair the bureau chief wear to Wei to say:"This is typically the workshop type system poison case that takes family as unit together.Currently, the too original city drug crime mainly presents a bottom to say three characteristicses:A, make a poison method to present home mode to turn.Two, the manufacturing data obtain to present a network information-based.Three, crime experience communicate to present the network QQ community to turn."
He said that aimed at current poisonous situation power and crime characteristics, the police on the other hand would follow close behind situation and continuously kept the strict dozen that commits crime to the drug high pressure situation and strongly strengthen to wade poison the information grind to judge a work and continuously deepen case management consciousness, the well timed adjustment investigates strategy, on the other hand, continue to enlarge a source piece to flow strength, continuously improve the ability and level of investigating the case, scathing stroke manufacturing, sell, conveyance drug etc. is each kind of crime activity, Louboutin Sale squeeze crime space hard, with maximum limit suppress drug source and reduce drug harm.(Reporter, Ping Wen, fights)

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