Thursday, March 3, 2011

Be worried that the another form master doesn

The form master teacher was called majority of students
The Yan Xiao is bright to say, in addition to adjusting him till the last 1 table, teacher Su Guo Lin disallows the classmate lesson in the class to descend to have fun with him."If discover who and I together, punish who run a turn of son together with me.Run 10 turns for the first time, disheveled hair want to add to 20 turns now for the second time.I with three classmates that relatively are good friends with, once the lesson bottom played basketball.Be discovered by teacher Su, we are all punished to run a turn of son."
The table that the Yan Xiao is bright to adjust for the list, disallow the classmate plays with it, teacher Su Guo Lin admits indeed having this matter."But I have no malice Louboutin Sale to the student, also not is think to be isolated and insulate him.Actually, this kid is ascending my mathematics lesson has been very good.But usually don,t guard discipline on other lessons, influence classmate.Finally choose this way, also for the sake of moreover 99% student is benefitses."In the country Lin Yan of Su, the Yan Xiao is bright to is a well-known very naughty school student.Beginning three cent class, as the grade director is Su Guo Lin, be worried that the another form master doesn,t wish to accept, was bright the Yan Xiao to divide own class inside.
"This kid is more difficult tube of and use what kind of way education, I didn,t also have confidence.At that time is wanted to pass a this method cold processing.We had engagement before now, if his circumstance turned for the better, adjust right away he once group.I impossibly and intentionally make difficulties for a kid."Teacher Su explains.

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