Thursday, March 3, 2011

Form master teacher Su Guo Lin makes him adjusting till the last one row from first study group

Is the class of adopt of is a Du Lang the type study mode, every 6~8 students inside the class studies for 1 set rounding together.The Yan Xiao is actually bright be stood alone in the group to study outside, a person and classroom after of mop, broom one row spend for 3 months, until be come to the parent of school Christian Louboutin Sale and discover.
The reporter discovers that this matter sticks in 100 degrees well Xing, the deer spring stick all arouse net friend is concern.
Early three boys and mop"shoulder to shoulder" Sa month
"On January 14, the opportunity of the fortuity I first sight kid the scene for having a class in classroom, the tears came down at that time.The another kid cent set rounds to sit by the side of the lesson table and listens to the teacher prelecting.Only my zero zero grounds of kid Gu sit on classroom is last row.Is a line of mops, broom for companion with him ……"well Xing the county Be small to be Fan Li Ping in the town to make reference to here voice to sob.She is a Yan Xiao bright mother.
The Yan Xiao is bright of this kind of has a class it has been 3 months since status kept on."The kid once said as well to be adjusted till the last one row before and had already done not want to go to school.I have been thinking to is that the kid is very naughty, adjusting a behind to be subjected to order the small punishment should be also.Unexpectedly the of Du Lang is this study method, adjusted the last row oneself is a table, equal to be stood alone at collective outside, became a class in of,different,."Fan Li Ping says.
The 16-year-old Yan Xiao is bright to say, last term the first-time monthly test after, form master teacher Su Guo Lin makes him adjusting till the last one row from first study group, list table single set.The reason is an observance class Ji have a class to love to talk not, influence other classmate study.

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